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    ADDRESSUK Wing Chun Assoc. National HQ Unit 7 The Planks Lubards Farm Hullbridge Road Rayleigh Essex SS6 9QG


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Wing Chun Classes Rayleigh Essex

U.K. Wing Chun Kung Fu Association

(Rayleigh National Hq)



Wing Chun Classes Rayleigh Essex National HQ

Wing Chun Classes Rayleigh Essex National HQ is a full time school founded in 2000 and situated in Rayleigh Essex.  It is a custom built school with an intimate atmosphere and all the facilities required to produce the best Wing Chun Keun students.


Instructor: Master James Sinclair and a very experienced teaching team.

School Type: Full-time school

Facilities: Full range of dedicated Wing Chun equipment and training facility.  Dummies, Poles, Swords, TRX, Medicine Balls, Weights, Agility Ladders etc.

Location: UK Wing Chun Assoc Hq, 4 The Planks, Lubards Farm, Hullbridge Road, RAYLEIGH, Essex  SS6 9QG

Students Profile: From Beginner to Advanced. Only accept persons form 13yrs of age +.

Telephone: mob: 07860 276923

Email: info@ukwingchun.com


Wing Chun Classes Rayleigh Essex National HQ

The UK Wing Chun Kung Fu Assoc. National HQ is situated in Rayleigh in Essex. Between Basildon and Southend it is located centrally to the original location of the first branches over 30yrs ago. The school was custom built from an old storage shed and is the location where every great Wing Chun student and teacher has made their grades.


The Rayleigh National HQ is the smallest of our three 3 time schools but is THE place to go for all of the Assoc. teachers and students.  The National HQ is not James Sinclair‘s school, it is the Association’s and as such many people come and go using the facilities as they please.


The UK Wing Chun Kung Fu Assoc. National HQ has many private lessons throughput the weekdays and has classes every weekday evening, and conducts seminars, gradings and instructor training at weekends.


The National HQ has a couple of Wooden Dummies, three heavy punchbags, wallbags, and a fully mirrored wall to help students in their progression through the Art.  There are also numerous Wing Chun Poles and Butterfly knives.


When you first arrive at the National HQ you will be walked through the etiquette in order to best know how to behave and understand what you too should expect from your teacher.  The signage is very distinctive but it is the inside that grabs peoples attention most. Initially you are met by a small unimpressive calligraphic character that translates as ‘There is only One way’.   What we hope is that you find your way through this beautiful art as we do not wish to creates clones.


The next object of note is the small African figurine who is kneeling and has a hand on his. This is present to help to remind you to et go of all other distractions and concentrate on the training to come.  To give yourself the best opportunity to absorb the information and somewhat lose yourself in your training.


On the right side of the waterfall/rockery is a scroll that reads

“Wing Chun Passed Down Authentically”

The Chinese Caligraphy was a gift to James Sinclair and there are numerous around the school that are present to remind students of the most salient point to keep in mind or to aim toward when training in Wing Chun Kung Fu.


Finally, is a large calligraphic text that basically states that if at first you don’t succeed then try again.  The statement basically say’s

Our Greatest Glory is Not Never To Fall, But To Rise Everytime We Fall.


The National HQ is fully matted to allow for much harder training in a safer environment.  All levels of Wing Chun  right through to the submission wrestling students all benefit from having good quality mats and a crash mat for the safe application of throws in certain classes.



All of the Teachers within the UK Wing Chun Kung Fu Assoc. are first aid qualified and any person working with the younger members is Police database checked.





James Sinclair worked hard to build the Fitness Classes from his own experience and mistakes.
Copyright 2015 UKWCKFA All Rights Reserved
A Tradition of Progress